straight cross belt conveyor sorting line for book industry


Book industry
We applied self developed book intelligent sorting, vertical transportation and RFID technology to book sorting system to simplify borrowing process, improve the efficiency of circulation of books, greatly reduce the workload of the manual sorting and finding process, free the staff from repetitive work, improve the quality of customer services. To enhance the internal logistics management for book publishers and agents and strengthen the capability of innovation and efficiency output.

Solution: With the increasing of the social demand for knowledge, students or other people have big demand of borrowing and exchanging books, the book sorting brings tremendous work for the sorting staff, so BETTER CONVEY as the RFID leading company, has a long experience in the book sorting field. The self developed book sorting system based on RFID technology has been using in public library, university library and private enterprises.
BETTER CONVEY RFID library management system with high frequency or rapid identification RFID technology, can supply staff station, self-service system, counting vehicle, safety inspection way, auto sorting equipment in order to improve the shelf management more efficiency, such as new arrival, removing of borrowed books, sorting and so on to free the workers and improve the service qualitY of the library.