sorters for E-commerce application


We provide modular visualization solutions for customers, For traditional retailers, we supply the solutions for order accuracy, processing speed and peak shipments. For new retail industry, we have developed land and air transportation systems and automatic orders picking systems to speed up the development of new retail market, help them to supply extreme services to the consumers and stimulate the economy.

Solution: With the demand of the customs inspection for the E-commerce business, BETTER CONVEY has developed BC-12090J of cross-belt reciprocating sorting system integrated with the X inspection machine, which can does parcel inspections and sorting automatically, ensure the safety of goods, and reduce the customs workers repetitive work. Now the system has been used in the customs of Chongqing, Qingdao, Weihai, and get good feedback.

BETTER CONVEY are able to design high performance solutions. In the development process of each e-commerce order development, we do it based on the actual needs of customers.