Scanning and barcode reading device

 Par numberBC-S02
 Function 1 fast delivery
 Function 2 reduce cost and error rate
 Function 3 improve efficiency


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With the development of the internet purchasing, the express delivery is getting busier and busier. To meet the consumers’ requirement, the courier companies put the delivery speed as an important thing. Parcels arriving scanning device makes it come true.

In the express industry, need to scan the barcode on the parcel from collection of parcels to sorting center and from the sorting center to dispatch. Based on our self developed integrated scanning machine, make the whole processing with high efficiency and accuracy to reduce the cost and errors, providing a perfect data acquisition terminal, making the express delivery easier and faster.

In addition to the collection, processing, display and communication, the scanning machine can store the data in the database and print out in report form in order to facilitate statistics and inspection, achieving the access and query records in the database. It can avoid duplication of the delivery and reduce or even eliminate the user complaints.

Parameter of the the scanning machine:

Belt speed: 0.1-1m/s

Scanning area: 0-800mm(based on barcode resolution and height)

Recognition accuracy: ≥99%

Fill in light: on

CCD camera specification:

6 million pixel 1/1.8 CMOS Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera

Type of sensor: 1/1.8 “shutter       CMOS

resolution rati: :3072*2048

pixel size : 2.4μm×2.4  μm

Frame rate : 18fps@3072*2048

dynamic range : >65dB

noise-signal ratio: >40dB

modern-amplifier : 0-30dB

Exposure time range : 27μs-2.5sec

Shutter mode: shutter, supporting automatic exposure, manual exposure, one key exposure and so on

data interface : Gigabit Ethernet

Digit I/O:Optocoupler isolation input 1, output 1

Bi-directional non isolation I/O 1 configuration

Caching capacity: 128MB frame caching

Data format: Mono 8/10/10p/12/12p

Compatibility: GigE Vision

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