High speed cross belt sorting systems

Name:Cross belt sorting system
Sorting speed:18000 pieces/hour
Error rate: less than 1/10000
Running speed:2.1m/s (1.2-2.8m/s adjustable)
Sorter table size:400x300mm, 600x500mm, 800x600mm, 900x700mm, customized
Package weight:5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg, 30Kg, customized
Shape of parcel:carton, soft package, envelope, woven bag
Application:express delivery, courier company, E-commerce, books, medicine, supply chain

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With the rapid development of the logistics and express delivery industry, the original manual sorting method can not meet the demand. Intelligent high-speed sorting, reliability and maintenance free are required. We have developed high efficient drum motors for high speed cross belt sorting machines for postal services and logistics.

Accuracy: greater than 99.98%, the error rate: less than 1/10,000
Moving speed: 2.1 m / s (can be set to range 1.2-2.8 m / s)
Sorter table size: 400 × 300mm, 600 × 500mm, 800 × 600mm, 900 × 700mm, can be customized
Package weight specifications: 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg, 30Kg, can be customized
Package can be sorted: cartons, boxes, envelopes, woven bags.
High-speed accurate identification, very low error rate, sorting action gently on the impact of small cargo, can do high speed sorting at long time, sorting capacity up to 18,000 per hour (can be customized).

According to customers’ needs, we can build the sorting systems for almost all types goods. It can be used to construct three-dimensional storage lines.

The cross belt sorting system is used for the industries of the books, electronic instruments, household chemicals, food and medicine, auto parts, large chain of super, logistics and distribution center, express sorting center, tobacco, postal and other industries. Automatic data processing, with the existing ERP management system for real-time data sharing.
Optional machines include: remote sorting or assembly operations, automatic marking, automatic labeling, automatic calculation of the volume of goods, automatic weighing, automatic truck loading platform, the best delivery route calculation platform, full image / Video traceability platform.
The system not only greatly improves the efficiency, saves the production cost and management cost of the enterprise, enhances the enterprise’s intelligence and management level, but also can be compatible with the bar code / two-dimensional code and radio frequency tag (RFID), automatically calculates the unit volume and the overall volume (the unit price, the actual price, business commission and other financial information), automatically send text messages to the picking driver to achieve automatic stowage.

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