Cross belt sorting table

Name:Belt Sorting Table for Cross Belt Sorting System
Voltage:48V DC
Line Speed:2~2.5 M/S

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 With the rapid development of the logistics and express delivery industry, the original manual sorting method can not meet the demand. Intelligent high-speed sorting, reliability and maintenance free are required. We have developed high efficient drum motors for high speed cross belt sorting machines for postal services and logistics.
It is composed by high torque rotor DC brushless motor, no teeth, no reducer, so the noise is low. The power can be 400W, the rotation speed is 300~750 RPM, the line speed 2~2.5m/s. It is driven by intelligent controller, it can control the speed, running direction and feedback controller status. The controller adopts advanced closed-loop control, no matter it is running idling or loading, the speed can be stabilized in the set speed. The quick response time only 0.2s, the 30Kg objects can be conveyed instantly.
Moving speed: 2.1 m / s (can be set to range 1.2-2.8 m / s)
Sorter table size: 400 × 300mm, 600 × 500mm, 800 × 600mm, 900 × 700mm, can be customized
Package weight specifications: 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg, 30Kg, can be customized
Package can be sorted: cartons, boxes, envelopes, woven bags.
High-speed accurate identification, very low error rate, sorting action gently on the impact of small cargo, can do high speed sorting at long time, sorting capacity up to 18,000 per hour (can be customized).

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