Pharmacy industry solution


Pharmacy industry
Intelligent logistics is mainly applied to pharmacy dispensary system and distribution of medicines and reagents in the hospitals. We can achieve intelligent internal logistics management to improve the accurate picking and distribution efficiency and customer service.

Solution: BETTER CONVEY provides solutions for pharmaceutical maker and health care wholesalers, large and medium-sized hospitals. Professional design can be adapted to the special requirements of the pharmaceutical and health care, hospital picking and distribution, supply controlled access inventory, temperature controllable storage and storage of hazardous materials, products tracking, order quantity peak/low, order/inventory accuracy and customized receiver system control.

The solution optimizes the procedure of the receipt, storage, warehousing, replenishment, FCL and single goods picking, packing and loading, and can deal with various types of loading, such as boxes, trays, bags, envelopes and others .

Aiming at  the comprehensive hospital dispensing, we have developed a new generation of high precision automatic picking system, this system adopts “picking” mode of operation, make accurate picking for every order. It can reduce the picking error rate and improve the operation accuracy, the maximum to reduce the workload of hospital pharmacy window, shorten the medical distribution time.

We has the experience in designing high performance solutions and improving the projects and has successfully implemented dozens of projects on medical care, personal care, dental products, medical supplies and medical distribution in China.