cross belt sorting line for courier industry


Courier industry
We supply the unique solutions for large and medium sized express delivery companies with intelligent logistic sorting systems and help express distribution center to achieve fully automatic operation to keep more than ten years of industry competitiveness.

Solution: Distribution logistics is in the circulation section of commodities. It refers to receiving many kinds of large quantities of goods from suppliers, and according to the requirements of customers, it will carry out the logistics activities such as dismantling, sorting, combination, packing, and delivering to the designated locations on time. In this process, the logistics distribution center plays an important role, and it has many functions, such as storage, order processing, sorting and delivery, etc.
Compared with the traditional dispatching logistics network, the large-scale distribution and information integration of large distribution centers can greatly reduce the cost of circulation. Based on the “man to man” operation mode, BETTER CONVEY applies self developed high-speed cross belt intelligent sorting equipment, which can achieve less labor work and create higher delivery efficiency. It includes all aspects, such as storage, picking up, sorting, checking, packing and so large enterprise an different logistic mode, and for different requirements.
We provides solutions for e-commerce wholesalers, retailers and cross border electricity providers and customs inspection users including the distribution requirements for small companies, large enterprises, port customs. The design of the solution can be adapted to the specific application needs for the market, supporting changeable inventory unit turnover speed, seasonal and promotional peak, large quantity of storage capacity, a large proportion of single line orders, the day and second day shipment and return processing configuration.