Apparel and shoes industry solution


Apparel and shoes industry
The traditional distribution has problems of delayed shipment, high mistake delivery and slow solution on returning, restricting the development of the companies. We have all in one solution, including order picking solution, fast delivery solution, the resorting and resale of returning goods solution to improve the production efficiency, circulation efficiency and accurate order configuration.

Solution: BETTER CONVEY supplies all in one solution for apparel industry designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to provide internal logistics consulting, design, developing, manufacturing, and we can meet the different distribution requirements, service the clients including small professional business chain stores and large global companies.

The solution can be adapted to the specific needs of apparel warehousing and distribution, including order fulfillment system of multiple channels or specialized electronic commerce and retail, and goods returning dealing system in the seasonal peak and promotion period. The typical solution can optimize the procedure of receiving, storage, replenishment, FCL and single product picking, packing, loading and cross warehouses operations, and can handle cartons, bags, plastic bags and other various types of packages.

We introduce the new thoughts of international leading logistics in the design of intelligent sorting and distribution system in shoes and apparels. We have a number of successful projects in China and rich experience and professional skills of project improvement.

Basis on our developed logistics management software and modular system, we design and fabricate high performance, real-time control and visualized solutions, which covers from goods collection to transportation in order to adapt to changing condition.